A Journey To Better Health

Welcome to my site. I hope to take you on a journey to better health. I will be focusing on health as we get older. This site will deal with not only physical health, but emotional, psychological and spiritual as well.

As a starting point, I've made a list of rules which I have been following in my own life. I hope they help you in your own journey towards better health.

25 Rules For Better Health

1. Don't diet.

2. There is no such thing as perfection.

3. Honestly evaluate yourself.

4. Set realistic goals and expectations.

5. Believe in something.

6. Small Steps.

7. Getting over the hump (One of many).

8. Make the right choices.

9. Put away the scale (Save for special occasions).

10. Reach out to those around you.

11. Get a pet.

12. Walk before you run.

13. Build Muscle.

14. Push yourself, but know your limits.

15. Rest.

16. Relax.

17. Have balance in your life.

18. Know yourself (Physically and emotionally).

20. Try to be a good person.

21. Boost your metabolism.

22. Don't be afraid.

23. Realize that life is hard.

24. Laugh at yourself and the absurdity of the world around you.

25. Reach your potential.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2. There is No Such Thing as Perfection

    The sooner you understand this rule the better off you'll be. Everyday we're bombarded with images on television, in magazines and on billboards of so called beautiful, handsome and perfect people. The other day I was watching a bow-flex exercise commercial with my son. He told me he wanted to get the bow-flex system so that he could look like the man (professional model) demonstrating the product. The question is, where are all these perfect people we see on TV? Where are all the beautiful fashion models we see walking down runways around the world? I personally never seem to see them. The fact is these people through exercise, dieting, and often cosmetic surgery spend their entire lives trying to achieve physical perfection. To them it's a full time job. Many of them have also been lucky to be born with strong healthy bodies. Between work, kids and all our other responsibilities its hard enough for most of us just to find the time to eat right and get a little exercise.

     I often wonder who or what defines beauty or handsomeness?  Too many times beauty is defined in ways which are not real and our based on physical attributes alone. Throughout history societies image of beauty has changed. look at pictures of the middle ages and you will see women who were what we considerd full figured. Their size did not detract from their beauty.Some of the most beautiful women in history were beautiful because of their imperfections.

     The point I'm trying to make is that none of us are perfect, and we'll never be perfect. What makes life and people so special is actually our imperfections as well as our differences. As we age it becomes harder and harder to not only strive for perfection, but to exercise and keep in shape. I could quit my job today, hire a personal trainer, religiously watch my diet, and spend every waking moment trying to attain the perfect body. I may loose weight, build some muscle and look pretty good, but I'll never be perfect. I don't even know if I'd want to be perfect. I  may have a lot of miles on me, but I like who I am. I'm like that old car you keep, not because it's sleek, and fast and powerful. You keep it because it still runs pretty good, doesn't have too much rust, and is comfortable and familiar.

     Some of the secrets to good health are to be happy with who you are, realize that you will never be perfect, don't compare yourself with other people, and do the best you can with what God gave you.

This is a story from my blog: simpledykie.blogspot.com I hope you enjoy it.

Simple Thoughts-What is Beauty?

     A few days ago I was doing my weekly grocery shopping. As I was passing a display of magazines I saw two young girls of maybe 11 or 12.They were holding what looked to be a fashion magazine. As I passed them I overheard one of the girls say how she wished she could be as skinny and beautiful as the women in the magazine. The other girl agreed, and said "I hate the way I look". The first girl replied back; "yeh, I hate myself too". To be honest, their words left me a little sad. Here were two girls with their whole lives before them. A lifetime filled with so many possibilities. A life of fulfilling dreams and reaching potentials, and yet they were basing there self-worth on an image in a magazine.

     What I heard got me thinking about the meaning of beauty. Everyday we're bombarded with images in magazines, on television, on the internet, and on billboards which show what our society considers to be beautiful women. We see movie stars on the red carpet in expensive dresses, with perfect hair and makeup, adorned in jewelry, and we hear people say how beautiful they look. I often wonder who determines what is beautiful and what is ugly? We've all heard the saying that "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder." Is beauty the tall, skinny model with the perfect skin walking down the runway wearing a famous designer's creations? Or is it the woman with a family and career, who is a few pounds more than she would like, but works out when she can? Whose hair always seems to be out of place, has skin freckled by the sun, and has a slight over-bite which you notice when she smiles? Did I mention her quirky personality, her sense of humor and her heart of gold? You know- this woman sounds a lot like my wife.

     There will always be beautiful women. We all need to just look past the glamour and glitz. Men- take a look at all the women you see every day. You’ll be surprised at how much beauty there is out there. You just have to take the time and look a little closer and a little harder. If you look hard enough you’ll begin to see such things as intelligence, strength, compassion, kindness, a sense of humor, patience, honesty, and a gentle soul. Then you’ll understand the real meaning of beauty.

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